What you will find by visiting this website, is three dimensional art created with mostly 11, 14, or 16 gauge steel, and sometimes enhanced with copper, brass, bronze, aluminum, or stainless steel.  You will also see "galleries" showing the very popular Silhouette Metal Art; Three Dimensional and Abstract  Sculptures, even Miniature Copper Art, and Statuettes.  The thickness of the metal, or steel, is whatever the subject calls for. 
Everything is handcrafted and a creation of Dick Roberts in his Metal Art Studio and Shop.

Instructional DVDs are also availble for purchase.
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I was recently commissioned by an Audiologist in Georgia to make a metal wall sculpture for their office wall.  Their request was that I make an ear with a staff of music coming out.  The title would be “The Beauty of Hearing.”  This was the result of my creation.  I did everything from scratch in Photoshop and CAD  The ear was actually a photo of a human ear.  The material was 11 gauge steel, cut out with plasma. 
Size= 30” X 48” - $550.00  

CNC Plasma Cutting and Metal Art
Instructional DVD Part-1, Part-2 and Part-3
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Miniature Copper Golf Sculptures 
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Hand Crafted Metal Art
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Copper Leaf Spray  -- $500.00
Saw blade with Horse - $150.00
11 Ga. Steel
Ready for hanging.
Three dimensional Metal Art.
Copper sunset, behind steel cattails painted black.
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Miniature Copper Golf Sculpture Collection.
Two different Abstract Wall Sculptures 20" X 46" each.
Accented with a blue light.
Beautiful three dimensional "Abstract Metal Wall Art".
Steel in it's purest form.  Parts are partially painted.  
Complete metal coated in acrylic. 
Can be hung vertically or horizontally.
To the left.

"Abstract Metal Wall Art"
Raw steel in it's purest form,
 covered with Acrylic.
Hangs Vertically.
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Something NEW!

We have added Laser Art to our already established Metal Art.  We also have specialized in a line of Children's Night Lights.  Plus we are doing LED desktop signs for advertising and commercial uses.

Check out these special night lights: 
LED Children's Night Lights

Recently I designed a logo that I then cut out of 3/8" Aluminum, 24" diameter.  This logo would then be welded into the gates for a gated community.  It would then be powder coated before instillation began.  I did six logos for three double sided gates.