Steel and Copper Water Fountain
Photo taken in studio.
Photo taken in a home.
The above water fountain is made out of 3/16ths inch steel and 16 oz. copper.  The background and base were cut out with a plasma torch. The design in the steel was hand done with a blow torch.  The copper vessels were hand molded with a  round hammer and a tree trunk, and torched around the edges to add character.  The piece of art sounds like a babbling brook, as the water trickles down from vessel to vessel

The fountain is 47"H X 14"W X 8"D.  The base is 12" X 28".
The two photos above are
close up of fountain.
I created the sculptures, shown to the left and right, to go with the pedestals shown above, and in Gallery 1.  The sculpture to the left is completely silver and goes very well with the silver pedestal.  The sculpture to the right is white to reflect the blue light coming from the top of the pedestal shown above right. I cut a hole in the base to allow light to go up and reflect against the white surface. 
Both sculptures are steel.
Abstract Sculptures
14"H X 11"W X 7"D
14"H X 10"W X 7"D
When I create abstract metal art, I create what I feel at the time.  When people come to me and say, "what is it?"  my only obvious answer to that question would be, "What do YOU think it is? or "What do you feel when you see it?"  or maybe even, "What is it to YOU?"  As an example, if I was going to put a one word label on the above left silver piece, I would say, "Endless."  It is an endless ribbon of steel encompassing an endless circle that is sorrounded by an endless ring, and welded onto an endless base.  Most people's reaction to that particular piece is, "I really like it."  I don't know if they understand it, but they seem to find beauty in it.  This is why I create so much variety in my metal art.  I want to create, not become routine.
Front View
Close up of top front view
Back View
Close up of side view.
Notice the melted steel on top.
Side View.
46"H X 3"W X 1"D   Base - 11"W X 8"D  1/4" steel
This sculpture looks good from any angle.  I have inserted close up's to show the texture of the heavy gauge metal work of the sculpture.  Very contemporary
Price for this one of a kind abstract sculpture, $375.00
23.5"H X 12"W    Base - 12"W X 6"D
Found Steel - Painted

24.5"H X 6.5"W   Base - 6" X 6"
Found Steel - Painted
13" H X 10" W   Base 6" X 8"
Steel  accented with bronze on base.