Miniature Copper Golf Sculpture Collection
The above collection consists of four different copper sculptures
Total Collection when bought at same time.
                              Collection - $260.00 --  (When bought individually $364.00)

1. Sunday Carry Bag - $60.00

2. Tee Off Bag On Cart - $84.00

3. On The Green (with your State of choice) - $105.00

4.  Business Card Holder (with your State of choice), 
for the Executive who loves golf. - $105.00

The golf bag on a cart is approximately 5" from bottom of wheels to top of golf clubs and 1 1/2" wide - total.  The shape of the State will be roughly 7" at the largest axis and the flag is approximately 1/2" high.
To get a complete course in how to make these Copper Golf Sculptures 
as well as market them, 

We are no longer retailing these.  We are only supplying our current wholesalers.  
We are still selling the informational DVD on how Dick makes these works of art.