There are two types of prices for my Metal Art.  One is a very basic way of pricing by size of largest axis.  The axis is from one point to another, whether horizontal or vertical.  When I cut out a 36" piece of Metal Art, I need a minimum of a 36" piece of steel.  Most all of my basic silhouette metal art is cut out of 11 gauge (1/8") steel.  (If not you will know.)  For an example, if I am cutting out a  24" horizontal axis, the vertical height could be any size from 2" to 24", it depends on the piece.  You will be able to tell from the photograph that you will view in advance.  In other words, a 24" square would still be priced as a 24" axis size. 

Basic Prices are as follows:

  6"  ---------------- $ 35.00
  8"  ----------------    42.00
10"  ----------------    55.00
12"  ----------------    55.00
14"  ----------------    75.00
16"  ----------------    85.00
18"  ----------------    95.00
24"  ----------------  135.00
36"  ----------------  210.00
46"  ----------------  285.00

The other prices are based on "Custom".  Custom pricing is determined by size of piece, length of time to create and produce it, as well as integrity and complexity of project.  When I create a three dimensional piece of metal art, or an abstract metal wall hanging, there is a lot more involvement than designing and cutting out a flat piece of steel.  Another factor is the type of metal that is used in producing the piece.  Some metals are more expensive than others.  Some projects take longer to create than others.  A basic price on creating the art work is figured at $65.00 an hour ($35.00 per half hour) with a minimum of one hour.  If you furnish the artwork ready to download into CAD, you can save a considerable amount of time and cost.

The bottom line is the creation of the Metal Art, and whether it is something that pleases you.  

Like they say, "Art is in the eyes of the beholder."

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