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The size of these golf sculptures are as follow:

The golf bag on wheels is approximately 5" high from bottom of wheels to top of golf clubs 
and 1 1/2" wide.  The shape of the state will be roughly 7" at furthest axis 
and the flag is approximately 6" high.

In order to buy from the wholesale price list, you will need to purchase four or more
 of the Copper Golf Sculptures at the same time.  
Be sure to write in the state of choice at Instructions to Merchant.
On this website you will find wholesale prices as well as the retail prices.
If you would like to buy fewer than four at one time please go to the retail pricing.
When you buy at wholesale prices you can become a dealer and sell them from your store 
or where ever you do business.  You can charge what ever 
retail prices you feel the market will bare in you locality.

I can not afford to spend the time and cost of materials to make these little jewels 
for less than I am charging for the wholesale prices.
These are not craft items, they are works of art and should be thought of as such.
For the Miniature Copper Golf Sculptures


Special Wholesale Packages

Sunday Carry Bag -- $60.00
Tee Off Bag on Cart -- $84.00
Business Card Holder -- $105.00
(With state of choice)

On The Green -- $105.00
(With state of choice)
My Retail Prices
Complete Collection Of four -- $260.00
Be sure to say which state you want on base.
Showing two samples, but 
Price is for ONE, 
mounted on
any state in the USA
Four #1 = $200.00
Four #2 = $240.00
Four #3 = $300.00
Four #4 = $300.00
Two #1 and Two #2 = $220.00
Two #2 and Two #3 = $270.00
Two #2 and Two #4 = $270.00
Two #3 and Two #4 = $300.00
We are no longer making these for retail sale.  
We are only supplying our current wholesalers..