Below you will see metal art that have been  cut out of 11 gauge steel and mounted into three dimensional form.  Copper or Bronze has been added to give the metal art a rich tone of color.  The sunsets have been fire painted and  then coated with clear lacquer.  The steel has been specially treated, then some have been covered with a rich coating of hammer black finish or lacquer.  The Tower Sculpture has been distressed by using a heating process, then specially coated and then left in its natural steel look  The copper cattails (on the sculpture with the Heron) are brazed onto the original steel and then buffed to a high natural copper finish. They are then sealed and covered with clear lacquer.  All of the below hand crafted metal art has been put together by either, brazing, welding, or bolts.  

         Price is based on size, time, integrity and complexity. 
Steel and Copper Sculptures
26" W X 13 1/2" H X 1 3/4" D
Copper Sun Setting behind Steel Nature Scene
30" H X 24" W X 1 1/2" D
Large Steel Heron behind 
Steel and Copper Cattails
Heron can be White or Black.
26" W X 10" H X 3/4" D
City Scape made of steel with a Copper Sunset
Hang Vertical or Horizontal
36" H X 9 1/2" W  -- Base 7" D X 15 1/2" W
Hand Crafted, 11 Gauge Steel, Contemporary Tower Sculpture, with Copper Cattails.
33" X 17" X 1" Deep
Hand Crafted Wall Sculpture made of 
Steel, Copper and Bronze.
Picture a clear moonlit night, on a tropical beach.  Two seagulls are flying in over the ocean, backlit by a full moon.  The sky is alive with stars that look so close you feel like you can almost reach up and touch them.  

That is what I was thinking when I created this design.  I even put in a blue bulb to simulate the moon light.  When the light is turned off the pedestal looks solid black.
Above is a photo showing the translucent top of the tropical pedestal.
Pedestal with metal top -- $1,000.00
Pedestal with metal designed top, and translucent top -- $1,050.00

Same pedestal as above, only 30" high instead of 35 5/8" high, -- deduct $125.00

Hand Crafted Silver Metal Pedestal.

I used a torch to cut in the design.  I ground this Pedestal Sculpture down to the bare metal and then finished it with a special coating for longevity.  I also melted bronze onto the sculpture to add color.  Total height is 35 5/8". The base is 5/8 inch solid metal 9 inch square.  Weight is about 47 pounds.  It has a blue energy saving bulb inside to add beauty.  I created the above sculptures for the purpose of holding art work or as a stand alone piece of art.

Price is $1,000.00 for this one of a kind piece of art.
The two photos above are close up of the top and bottom of the silver pedestal to the far left.
The above pedestal is black, with a 13 watt energy saver  bulb that produces 60 watts of light, installed inside the back of the pedestal.  Three sides show the same artwork, with the backside plain.  In the back is a small door held on by four screws with wing nuts.  It is simple to remove the door and change the bulb when necessary.  The light bulbs I have, come in blue, red, green, orange, or black light.  All are 13 watt energy savers that produce 60 watts of light.  I can make the pedestal in your choice of several colors.

The size of this pedestal is 35 5/8" high, 9" square at the top, tapered down to 6" square at the bottom.  It sits on a 5/8" solid steel 9" square base.  Weight is about 49 lbs.

The standard top is solid steel, the same color as the sides.