Butterflies are one of the most gentle, delicate, creatures on the face of the earth.  It seems as though everyone loves them, because they sure are a popular item. Especially for garden metal art.  Dick can draw and cut out a metal butterfly in any shape, size or metal thickness to suit whatever your needs are. They come finished or unfinished.  The only finished butterfly below is the one to the upper left.  It has textured paint on it.  All of the others, including the one Dick is holding, are ready to be finished.  They can be left to rust in the garden to give a weathered look, or they can be finished by you in multiple colors.  Also they can be lacquered. They can also be mounted (welded) onto a metal bar to use as a stand.
If you want to have Dick finish your butterfly, he will be more than happy to do so.
Dick says, "When I see a butterfly in my yard, it makes me feel secure that the air is fresh.  I believe that when air becomes unfit to breath the delicate butterfly will be the first to be effected."
Flat - for hanging on a surface.  There are hooks on the back.
Above butterfly Dick is holding is $135.00
Wings bent and mounted on a metal rod for putting in the yard or with holes for mounting on a surface with screws.
Showing butterfly with bent wings on a metal rod in the yard.
This butterfly is 24 3/4" long with a 24" wing spread.
Unfinished or painted hammer black.
This butterfly was sold unfinshed and painted by customer.
Different designed butterflies

Check out the price page and chose the size you want.
These are cut out of 14 gauge steel.

Unfinished or painted hammer black.
The price of the butterfly is based on the largest axes.
Copper butterfies for accent art.
1" to 4" on a small rod.
16 oz. copper.
They come in packages of five to an order.

5 - 1" = $25.00
5 - 2" = $35.00
5 - 3" = $45.00
5 - 4" = $55.00 

To get an idea of the over all dimensions of each sculpture.

The golf bag on wheels is approximately 5" high from bottom of wheels to top of golf clubs and 1 1/2" wide - total.  The shape of the State will be roughly 7" long and the flag is approximately 6" high.

Miniature Copper Golf Sculpture Collection.

Wholesale PRICES
Minimum order, four pieces - any combination.
Listed by number.

1. Sunday Carry Bag - $50.00
2. Tee Off Bag On Cart - $60.00
3. On The Green (with your State of choice) - $75.00
4.  Business Card Holder (with your State of choice), 
for the Executive who loves golf. - $75.00
More creations and styles will be coming soon.  Come back often.
Backside of #4

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