All of the art pieces below have been cut and finished and ready for shipping.  All have a special preparation applied, then were coated with a black hammer finish.  The pieces below vary in size.  All are cut out of 11 gauge (1/8") steel.  All are priced according to size of largest axis (point to point) regardless of vertical or horizontal. 

Any of the pieces below can be made into sizes from 6" to 46" (largest axis).  Anything over 46 inches is considered custom and will be made to specific size according to client instruction.  The larger sizes are harder to ship, but not impossible.  Any size is possible.  Keep in mind that when making a larger size the proportions will stay the same.  If it is a horizontal piece it will also increase in the vertical size as well.  However, it is possible to stretch the position out of proportion when designing in the computer. 

All pieces sized from 6" to 24" can be made into a statuette.

I have put the size and price of each of the pieces that are showing below on this page (Gallery-3).

I photographed some of the pieces with a blue background and some with a white background.  All of the pieces are black silhouette, and all are durable hammer black finish.

Silhouette -- Statuette and Wall Metal Art
16"    $75.00
18"    $85.00
13 1/2"    $63.00
8"    $32.00
8 3/4"    $34.00
15"    $70.00
18"    $85.00
17"    $80.00
35"    $190.00
18"    $85.00
38"    $207.00
35"    $190.00
36"    $195.00
24"    125.00
The artwork below can be made into any size and finished in most any color. 
The price of these are based on the size of the largest axis.