Silhouette Metal Art

Below are some of the pieces already cut and sold.  I put these few pieces in to show an example of what can be done with silhouette metal art.  Silhouette Metal Art is my most simple type of Metal Art and is simply priced according to size. 

The finishing of these pieces can be as follows:
All finishes are the same price.

Durable Black Hammer finish (most popular)

Matt Black

Primer Painted (for you to finish)

Bare steel that can rust (for an antique look)
House Numbers
(11" X 18")  18" axis
This is a plaque that I designed for a wedding organization that were celebrating their 20th anniversary.   This was all designed in my computer from scratch, and then I cut it out of a sheet of 11 gauge steel with a plasma cutter
Name On House
Name and Address on Mail Box
Golf Cart Name  - for a home on a lake.