How To Make
Miniature Copper Golf Sculptures

Instructional DVD and Business Plan Opportuntiy

Step by step instructions on how to make them
A guide to promoting them.
An in-depth, step by step, detailed study of how metal artist Dick Roberts, makes copper golf sculptures, in his unique style, from scratch to completion.  It is like spending time with Dick in his shop, watching him create this very popular gift item, for the golf lover.

This instructional DVD course is for the metal artist, whether just starting out or seasoned; the hobbiest, the person working in crafts and especially the person who would like to make some money.  The key to Dick's Copper Golf Sculptures is quality.  There are other items that are similar, but none of them are like Dick makes.  These are not just an item relating to golf, they are a piece of finished art that can bring a good price.  This is a two hour DVD showing how to make the complete collection of four different copper pieces, plus a book that will tell you, not only how to market them, but what to say and how to sell them.  The book is telling you how to set up regular accounts that will furnish you with repeat sales and keep you with a cash flow while you are working on other metal art projects.  You will learn Dick's system of how to stock pile parts, so that you can make these sculptures quickly.

If you have access to a CNC Plasma Cutting Machine it will be a plus for you.
Although this art can be made without one.  

This DVD is more than just showing how to make art.  It is an investment, in how to build a full or part time business using the skills shown and taught in "How To Make - Miniature Copper Golf Sculptures."

"I made this instructional video expecially for the people I have
gotten the many letters from, telling me that they would like to come
up with some ideas of how to use their new CNC machine to 
MAKE MONEY."  Dick Roberts

The complete course, with a two hour DVD and a 28 page book, is only $55.00.  
You can make that back on your first sale.
This is an Informational (how to) Video/DVD and a Business Plan.

Only $55.00 (Includes Shipping)

A Business In A Box!
Dick in his shop.