** This DVD is a must for people just starting in the field.  I had no mechanical experience before getting my Torchmate CNC/Plasma Cutter, only a desire to create art.  Dick's DVD has been so helpful, covering things that are not in the manual, and things I would have never even thought of.  I can't wait to get the second DVD, and hope that he doesn't stop there.  I want more!!
Karen -- Eaton, Ohio

** Hi Dick, I received the video. I found it informative and well done. I myself am a very visual learner, I like video since it conveys a lot of other information other than a still photograph can provide. I myself pay close attention to the surrounding work areas such as in your video and get ideas on what you have done and how I might use my own workspace for example. This information that I get is ”extra visual information” that is in addition to a point that you might be making at the time. I have already watched your first video about 3 times and I have picked up something new each time that I viewed it.
Thanks, Barry -- Willis, Texas

** Hey Dick, I got your DVD, great job. I am going to buy a torchmate 2 4x4 and you convinced me to go bigger on the plasma cutter. Will be glad to have the extra capacity. You have second video done yet? 
Heath -- Radcliff, Iowa 

** Excellent DVD; Recommend Seller and products. Be back for more. A+++++ rating 
Christopher -- North Bellmore NY

** I work with decorative glass and metal art.  I just got my machine three weeks ago and have had a hard time getting used to it.  You have helped me tremendously. 
Thank you so much,
Mary Sue, -- Madison, WI

** Sweet -- I liked your instructional video and the way you presented things.  I learned a lot of stuff I didn't understand before watching your video.  I recommend it to anyone who is really wanting to know more about CNC plasma work.
Tom -- Detroit, MI

** You did a really bang up job of explaining things Dick.  It was worth not only the money I paid but the time that I spent watching it.  As a matter of fact I have already watched it a couple of times and I just got it last week.  Every time I watch it, I learn something else. Thanks for your effort in making this for people like me who work with a cnc.
Kirk, -- Minneapolis, MN

** Dick, you did a great job on the DVD.  You talked about things I never thought about.  Can't wait to get your next one.
Susan, -- Atlanta, GA

** Hi Dick,  I like the DVD very much.  It will be great once I get my CNC machine and get started.  I will let you know about any ideas or questions I might have once I get started.  
Doug -- Long Beach, CA

** Good Morning Dick, I’ve watched DVD 2 several times now. I’m so anxious for DVD 3, I can’t wait. You might have to make a DVD 4, just so I have more examples. I love it.  Nice job on the second one.
Steve -- Kearney, MO

**  It was really an amazing time watching your videos, I have learned a lot of interesting things I would never have known if not watching this instruction from you.
Ho -- Toronto, Canada

** I just finished watching parts 2 and 3 of your series.  I am so thankful you put this together.  I learned soooo much new information and I can't wait to put it to use.  In addition, you have motivated me to take better care of my machine and my work area.  I spent all day yesterday cleaning and oiling my machine and cleaning up and organizing my work area.  This was money well spent!  Thanks for putting this together.  Be sure to contact me if you put together another DVD.  
Karen -- Eaton, Ohio   www.etsy.com/shop/MetalArtXpressions

** Dear Dick, The DVDs are great and they have awesome informatiom in them.
Mario (metal fabricator) -- Malta (off the coast of Italy)

** Hello Dick, I just finished watching your 3 Videos. You have Stuffed all 3 of them with Good Information. I was Really impressed on how much you showed on Dics #3 about : Making a design - Editing a design - Welding 2 Designs together. Really good information. I tried to take notes while watching the video – Had to stop it several times trying to write down all of your tips.
Thank you again for 3 Great Videos. Like I said, they are - Stuffed with a lot of Good Information and will help a lot of people who buy them from you
Jim -- Boring , Oregon

** From a High School 
Brookings Harbor High School uses state of the art fabrication equipment in our Robotic Sciences Lab. Having just purchased a Torchmate Plasma CNC table, I looked for online resources to help get my students trained on the use of the machine to build our robots. I found Dick's preview on youtube, and purchased the first video (Part-1). It was informative and professional. We went on to get the rest of the series, and my students and I have found it to be a good basic introduction for the use of the plasma CNC machine in our high school. I recommend it to other schools considering moving toward CNC plasma cutting.
Al Chirinian 
Robotic Sciences Instructor
Brookings Harbor High School"

** Hi Dick,  I got your DVD series and watched it all. I'm a machinist by trade and do program CNC machines. I understand G-code so I know where the machine is heading, what I'm new in is plasma cutting, and your DVD's have given me a better understanding of what to look for when actually doing it. People should realize that if they only learned one thing from your entire program it could be worth well more than the hundred dollars it cost. I purchased my Torchmate 4X4 groth series mainly for production use but I really like the art part of it, I already have a large car club want emblems made. Thank you for your experience and ideas.
John  - - Whitesboro, NY

** Dick, I purchased your 3-DVD CNC Plasma Cutting DVD set recently, as I am gearing up to buy one of these units this summer and am doing as much front-end learning as possible. By the time I had finished watching all the videos, I felt that I had certainly got my money's worth of good, practical info, and I plan to watch them again as I get closer to acquiring my machine. Thanks for making them. 
Charlie -- Washington DC